People tend to view almost anything found on the internet with a certain degree of skepticism, even news sites are viewed with an air of cynicism by many. Online Roulette is the same and like many things, there are numerous beliefs which simply are not true. In this article we’ll look to examine a few of these:

It is rigged – Anyone who loses online Roulette normally then tries to blame something or someone for their losses. Many believe online roulette is rigged. Well, simply it is not – provided you are playing on a well-known and trusted online, UK run, casino. What you can never escape, however, is the house advantage. There are Roulette strategies but just like any strategy, in any walk of like, is no guarantee of success and certainly is not a way to combat the advantage held by the house.

Of course, as with any type of business or enterprise, there will be some more ‘disreputable’ online casinos. Rule of thumb is, if you’ve never heard of them and it looks ‘dodgy’, then it probably is. Use the bigger names, the bigger brands because they have a reputation to protect – and a customer base to maintain.

The wheel has a memory – Players often think, upon seeing something like 10 blacks in a row that betting on red is the best idea because “it’s got to come up”. Nope, it doesn’t. Every spin is an individual event, unconnected to everything which has been before it.

Software which guarantees a win – Unfortunately in this world there are those that prey on the vulnerable and the weak minded. The makers of software which is purported to be able to win at online roulette are just such people. The software is, in its basic form, just a combination of Roulette strategies – the type of strategies you can find anywhere on the web. Often the software is offered in conjunction with signing up at an online casino – you can connect the dots for yourself I am sure; it is a marketing scheme to entice people to joining an online casino.

Zero force – Otherwise known as ‘forcing the zero’, there is a belief which is held by some that you can ‘force the zero’ to hit and by betting on black and red at the same time you will never lose. You cannot force any part of the wheel, the online software is too sophisticated to allow that.

Bonuses increase the probability of winning –Bonuses are often given as an incentive for players to sign up to an online casino. The idea behind this is that not only does it act as an incentive to join but they promote it as having more money to spend, therefore improving your odds of winning.   Of course, after reading this article you’ll know that is not the case. There are terms and conditions attached to these bonuses but put simply, if you want to be able to actually get your hands on your winnings and withdraw it, then don’t use bonuses.

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