There is a well-known roulette betting system which many players swear by, that system is known as the Martingale system. It is simple, as you would expect for a simple game like Roulette, system which basically means you place a bet and, if you lose, you double your next bet. That’s it!

An example, in case you need one, is below –

The table which you are playing on is a £5 table and the maximum bet on a £5 table is £500. The progression of the Martingale system is as follows:

You bet £5 and you lose.
Your next bet is £10. If you lose:
Your next bet is £20. If you lose:
Your next bet is £40. If you lose:
Your next bet is £80. If you lose:
Your next bet is £160. If you lose:
Your next bet is £320. If you lose:
Your next bet is £640, which exceeds the maximum bet for the table.

If there were no table limit then on the 8th bet you are spending £640 to win £5!! There are advocates of this system though, players who have used it and believe in it.

To use the Martingale system you have to bet with even money bets with black or red being the most popular. Let me tell you a story, this story involves a friend who we shall call Joe. Joe goes to a casino with £500. He placed a £5 bet on red and lost and so he started the Martingale progression. He placed the next three bets and lost each time. He ended up losing 6 bets in a row. When Joe lost the bet for £160 he found he was down £315 and he only had £185 left of his original £500. Moreover Joe didn’t have the £320 required to continue the progression.

The system, obviously, is not a guarantee of winning. The practicalities of the game are that anything can happen and each spin is an independent action. Were this system actually fool-proof do you think casinos would not a) be aware of it and b) taken action to prevent it? Of course they would have. The only thing you can be sure of when gambling is that the house holds the advantage.


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