Are any bonuses or promotional offers available?

Unsurprisingly, casinos are keen to persuade you to choose them over their rivals. One of their main enticements comes from bonus offers. These often take the form of ‘Welcome’ bonuses, which are offered only to those who haven’t joined the casino before.

Welcome Bonuses – The Welcome offer will usually involve giving you a certain amount of money free when you make your first deposit. 100% on the first deposit of up to £500, for instance. In that case, you could deposit £500 and receive an extra £500 free – giving you £1,000 to play with. Predictably, though, there is a catch. You can gamble with the money until it’s gone. But if you want to withdraw the bonus money (effectively turning it into real cash), you’ll first need to meet certain ‘turnover’ requirements. These will often involve you gambling the money a certain number of times. For example, you may have to bet the original deposit plus the bonus amount 20 times. In the above example, your deposit plus bonus amounted to £1,000, so you would need to ‘turnover’ or gamble £20,000 before you could withdraw that free £500. It doesn’t actually matter whether you’re winning or losing – you simply have to be risking the money. In practice, you’ll often struggle to meet the turnover requirements while keeping hold of more than your original deposit. That’s particularly true in table games and slots, where you’re having to fight a house edge – games like blackjack, where the house edge is relatively low, will often count much less towards the turnover requirements, so you’ll have to bet far more in order to meet the deands. To avoid all of the issues mentioned here make sure that you sign up to the right casinos here!

Refill Bonuses – Welcome offers are only available to newcomers to a site. However, if you’re an existing user, you may be able to grab ‘Refill’ bonuses. These tend to operate in a similar way to Welcome bonuses. You deposit money in your account, and it’ll be increased by a certain percentage, such as 50%, 100% or 200%. You must then meet the turnover requirements before you can withdraw any of the bonus amount. Again, the requirements will be fairly steep, and tough house edges will mean you have little realistic chance of seeing your cash. However, Welcome and Refill bonuses aren’t without their merits. You are getting extra money to play with, after all. You may hit a lucky streak and get to keep the cash. And even if you don’t, your balance will allow you to post higher bets, or play for longer – all without costing you an extra penny. Assuming you’re already intending to spend a certain amount of money playing casino games, getting a bit extra through bonus offers is hardly a bad thing.

No Deposit Bonuses – These aren’t terribly common, but hunt around. These will necessarily have very steep turnover requirements, but since you generally aren’t required to deposit any money in order to have a go, you aren’t risking anything either. And you may get to play some of your favourite games without it costing you a penny. To be careful with these sites, though. Many of them are relatively unknown, and some may be looking to scam you. Check out the site before handing over ID or any other documents, check out our homepage for the best uk online roulette sites.

Loyalty Schemes – Probably of more practical use to experienced gamers are Loyalty Schemes. Effectively, as you play, you’re also building up loyalty points. Amass enough, and you may be able to turn them into extra cash or credits., for instance, will give you money back for every 100 points gained. You may get additional offers being opened up to you as you score higher and higher amounts of points. Refills may be awarded, for instance, or perhaps you’ll get higher deposit limits, or invites to special nights out. The casinos expect to make money from you, and the more you bet, the more you’re likely to be handing over to them. Unsurprisingly, then, they can afford to throw the odd gift at you. However, if you were going to gamble anyway, it makes sense to look for a site where you’re getting regular money back without it costing you extra.



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