Roulette was, for a long time, a simple game of placing bets, spinning the wheel and then either winning or losing. Now online gaming has resulted in more and more variants being created to cater for the ever discerning player.

Knowing where to start can be difficult though so read the below for a quick guide.

Online variations of Roulette

European roulette – Simple, basic: Bet 1-36, Black or Red or just bet on the columns. Only a single 0 resulting in a house advantage of 2.7%

American roulette – The ‘classic’: An extra double zero leading to a higher house advantage of 5.3% so be aware of this before committing to this game. But, the bigger the risk the bigger rewards with higher potential pay-outs.

French roulette – Usually played with added rules of ‘en prison’ and ‘La partage’ which essentially are insurance bets, meaning you can win just your bet back if a zero comes up.

Multi-ball roulette – As the name suggest, more than 1 ball is used – sometimes as many as 3. This improves the long-terms odds but if you play this game settle in for the long haul because you won’t be able to make a quick buck.

Multi-wheel roulette – Again, not an ironic name and enables you bet on up to 8 tables at a time.

Live dealer roulette – Still involves playing online but this comes with the added entertainment of a real dealer. It is a real game of roulette but the bets which are placed by online players are then transferred to a live, genuine roulette table in a casino.

Spingo – A new creation which combines aspects of a number of games, namely Bingo, Lotto and Roulette. You place bets on colours while a lottery draw is held. You can place bets on colours or numbers.


Variations in more detail

American and European Roulette – These two are considered the staple of the roulette world and you should be able to find them in any online or real casino you care to use. Features are:

  • Numbers 1-36
  • A single or double 0
  • Options to place bets on black or red, odds or evens or even columns

The main key difference between the two is the advantage the house holds in each game. The inclusion of the double 0 in the American game means the house has a higher advantage, approx. 5.3%, when compared to the 2.7% held in European game. What this translates to is that the winnings on a colour or odds or evens is an even money pay-out. Should you place a winning bet on a column of numbers you will receive 2/1 your money. Betting on single numbers is where the bigger pay-out lies though, with a return on 35/1.

French roulette – This can be slightly hard to find online but it is based on the European game with a few, important, differences. There are two rules which players need to be aware of – the ‘en prison’ and the ‘La partage’ rules. The ‘en prison’ rule only applies to even bets and essentially means your money could be tied up for two spins of the wheel. If you have, for example, £10 on red and the ball lands on 0, then your even money bet remains locked into the next spin. If the ball, the following spin, then lands on red the house returns your original £10 bet but you don’t claim any winnings. Obviously should it land on black then you lose. The ‘La Partage’ rule means you will only lose half your bet if the ball lands on 0.

Roulette Diamond – It sounds grand but really, the online casino has simply used all of their technology wizardry to make it look nice. Better graphics and more colours to bet on are the main differences.

Multi-ball roulette – This game, with more than one ball, allows you to place bets on a greater number of numbers with any winnings being split by the number of balls in play.

Spingo – A mash up of a number of games – all encompassing! With this game you can only bet on a roulette wheel on numbers between 1-10 but you have 3 colours to bet on. While the ball spins numbered balls are randomly chosen, just like the real National Lottery.

Multi-wheel roulette – This option allows the players to bet on up to 8 wheels at the same time. Bets are placed on a single board but the colours or numbers chosen are spread across different wheels.

Live dealer roulette – This game is still played online but uses a real dealer who is in an actual casino. This means the wheel and the ball are also real so essentially you’re viewing the table through an online camera. If you own a webcam you can also interact with the dealer which adds the ‘human touch’ to the game


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