There are, like most gambling games, phrases used in Roulette which for the novice player can be confusing. Two of the main phrases used in online Roulette are ‘inside bet’ and ‘outside bet’.

To sum up what they, an ‘outside bet’ has better odds of winning but will give you a lower pay-out. Conversely, an ‘inside bet’ means you have a reduced change of winning but, if you do win, the pay-out is greater.


Inside bets

Straight up – is the name for the bet with the highest odds. You are betting on one number only.

Split – You are betting on two numbers next to each other numerically.

Street – You bet on all three numbers in a single line (10/11/12 for example)

Trio – There are only two combinations which can be used for a trio bet and these are 0/1/2 or 00/2/3

Corner – This is a bet which covers four different numbers which form a square

Six line – As it sounds, this bet is on 6 numbers in a numerical row


Outside bets

1-18 – a bet which covers numbers 1 to 18

19-36 – a bet which covers numbers 19 to 36

Red or Black – A bet placed on either red or black

Even or Odd – a bet which is placed on either even or odd numbers

Dozen – A bet which has only 3 possiblities: 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36

Column – A bet placed on a column on the table which goes down in a vertical line

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