Roulette is a relatively simple game. The following article is going to discuss how to play the game, in a casino and online. Let’s start with playing roulette online:

Find the right casino – Seems an obvious step but you will need to ensure the casino you pick actually caters for roulette players. Ideally, use an online casino you have played on before so that you know it is a fair casino and will pay you any winnings from a fair game. If you don’t know such a site, ask around friends for recommendations or go online and do some research[1]

Roulette Bonuses – While the majority of online casinos offer incentives to sign up, such as a bonus, you need to read the offer closely. The terms and conditions attached to these offers often mean you cannot withdraw any winnings.

Deposit money – Unfortunately, you’re going to need to deposit money to play the game! As long as the site you’re using is a well-known brand, it is going to be trustworthy. With all of the laws governing online gambling, online casinos cannot afford to ‘rip’ customers off. There are two key ways to deposit money. Firstly, simply use your bank details to deposit money into your online casino account. Or, alternatively, use something like Paypal to withdraw your deposit from.

Choose your game – What game, or rather what variant of online roulette, you decide to play will largely depend on what the online site offers but also, the odds offered on each game. Investigate each one and consider each option before deciding. You can obviously alternate what games you play if you find one of them is not working out for you.

Playing the game – The fun part! Once you’ve deposited money and you’ve carefully considered the odds for each roulette game, then you can start playing. It is pretty easy – place your bets on which part of the table you want and then use the spin button to start the wheel! If you win (fingers crossed!) then you’ll see your online game balance increase – this credit happens automatically. Similarly, if you lose your balance will be deducted appropriately. And there you have it, you have played your first game of roulette!

Now let’s turn our attention to playing in a real, live Casino.

Once you have found the casino you want to play in, go and find the roulette table. Each casino will differ slightly with regards to the process of buying chips but mainly this is done at the actually table. If in doubt, ask a member of staff. Casinos normally cater for those without cash and either accept card or have a handily located cash point inside the building.

Buying them at the table may seem a bit odd but actually, it has a fundamental link to how the game is played. The croupier, the person running the game who hands the chips over to you, has to keep track of who has placed what bets. This is done by issuing each player a different colour chip – a simple but effective way to allow them to keep track of who has played which bet.

Take a seat at the table with your chips at the ready. Once the previous bet has been settled the table is open and you can place your bets. As with playing it online, the ball spins and the croupier will ensure no more bets are placed while the ball is spinning. The ball lands and winnings are paid out – let’s hope to you!




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